Hi, my name is Valeria Suppa, I was born and raised in the South of Italy, where food is the most recurring family topic throughout an ordinary day…not to mention the holiday season! Surrounded by grandmas and aunts who loved cooking, my passion for food had a natural start.

My mother taught me the basics, a lot of practice and a few cookery courses did the rest. Over the years I realized that baking is my real passion, as it gives me the chance to combine my love for cooking with my love for decoration: actually, my intent is always to make desserts that taste good but also look attractive.

During the last ten years, I’ve been living in different countries around Europe and Soth America, where I received my professional training and worked in a bespoke cakes parlour as baker and cake decorator. I’m currently based in North West London, where I live with my husband and our son. Both of them are an invaluable help in testing and eating up my baking tests!

Besides baking, I’m passionate about food styling and food photography. I love hunting for props in flee markets, finding the right backdrop for my photos or painting it myself.

My classes are planned to teach you delicious recipes and make you familiar with different techniques that you can use when baking at home. The classes are taught online via Zoom and in-person from in my home kitchen located in Hampstead.

For additional info or other queries, please get in touch by email at info@thesweetbit.com

I can’t wait to meet you!