I’m Valeria, I was born and raised in a small town in Calabria, a region in Southern Italy. I grew up in a family of foodies, where everyone cooked for the love of sharing and caring … and eating, of course!

Surrounded by grandmas and aunts who competed for the best ragú, my passion for food had a natural start. The kitchen was often my playground and my mum was my first mentor. 

In spite of that, my professional life took a very different trail and I found myself working in the movie industry for a bunch of years. Relocating abroad was the turning point for me to realise that baking was my real passion. So I received a professional training and worked in a bespoke cake parlour as baker and cake decorator.

A few years later, my baking teaching adventure began! Sharing my passion and knowledge inspires me every day and my main gratification is the sense of achievement I spot in other people’s eyes!

My small-sized classes are designed to teach you delicious recipes and make you familiar with some useful techniques that you can take into your own kitchen time and time again.

Over the last few years I rediscovered the pleasure of making fresh pasta from scratch, the way I made it with nonna Angiolina on Sundays. I found out that making fresh pasta can be as fulfilling and creative as baking: colours, patterns, textures and flavours aplenty! 

That’s why I decided to carry on this family tradition and also offer a range of homemade pasta classes, in addition to my baking workshops.

During the last fifteen years, I’ve been living in different countries around Europe and South America, discovering new food cultures, new ingredients and unusual flavour combinations, an enriching experience that inspires my daily teaching.

I’m currently based in London, where I live with my husband and our seven year-old son.

My love for cooking goes hand in hand with my passion for food styling and food photography. When I’m not in the kitchen, you can find me behind my camera or at a flea market looking for an extra addition to my props collection. 

I can’t wait to meet you!