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Italian desserts (in-person)

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  • Classic Tiramisú
  • Panna Cotta with caramelized apples and cinnamon crumbs
  • Bonet Piemontese

Duration: 3 hours (in-person class)




Join this class and learn how to prepare the most traditional Italian desserts, from the best known to some hidden gems!

Learn new skills, have fun with a small group of people and take home everything you’ve been baking on the day.


  • We will start with the most popular of all, the classic Tiramisú. We will be making a reach mascarpone cream to pair with a double layer of coffee soaked sponge fingers. The original recipe calls for raw eggs, but I’ll teach you how to pasteurise them for extra safety.


  • You will also learn to put a twist on the classic Panna Cotta, by using different textures in the same dessert. In this class, I will show you how to make and flavour the basic Panna Cotta, how to caramelise fruits, how to use gelatine leaves and prepare almond cinnamon crumbs, that you can use as a topping for several desserts: on ice cream, on trifles and in fruit crumbles.


  • Lastly, I will teach you how to make the Bonet, a traditional flan from Piemonte. Learn how to prepare the caramel and use the bain-marie method to prepare this dessert made of Amaretti biscuits, coffee and cocoa powder.

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04/05/2022, 25/06/2022

1 review for Italian desserts (in-person)

  1. Antonella

    I am very happy to have participated in Valeria’s cooking classes. Thank you for teaching me so many secrets of Italian pastry in a professional and fun way at the same time.
    Valeria is very professional and willing to introduce you to her sweet world.

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